What Is Social CRM? (And How Is It Being Used?)

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Social CRM (customer relationship management) is a newer term used to describe the combination of social media and customer service. Source : ismguide.com It is used in several ways, but it is always to connect with customers through different channels and understand their needs. This helps businesses improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. Let’s take […]

What Are The 6 Main ERP Components?

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ERP systems are essential in modern-day business. They manage and automate various tasks, from accounting to sales and marketing. But what are the six main ERP components? This article will explore the most important features of ERP software and discuss how they can benefit your business. Stay tuned! Source : jitterbit.com What is ERP? ERP […]

CRM Funnels: All You Need to Know to Get Started

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A CRM funnel is a marketing strategy used to attract and convert leads into customers. It involves using CRM software to track and manage leads throughout the sales process. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of CRM funnels and how you can use them to grow your business. Source : founderjar.com Maintaining communication […]

How to use a CRM in the Real Estate Industry

What is a CRM in Real Estate

A Customer Relationship Management system is a software program used by businesses to manage customer contacts and interactions. In the world of real estate, a CRM can be an invaluable tool for keeping track of your clients, their needs and wants, as well as past and potential transactions. Understanding what is a CRM in Real […]

Important CRM Questions to Ask before buying it

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CRM’s are an integral part of running a successful business, as it helps you connect with your current and prospective clients more effectively than ever before. They can improve marketing, sales, and customer service. But before you invest, there are some important questions to ask. Source : hotelappz.com What is CRM? CRM software has gone […]