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While you may have achieved the impressive milestone of having a busy company with a high level of production, the long term success of your enterprise may be at risk if you encounter difficulties with collection. For example, if you are not able to collect the amounts due to you for your outstanding production, your profit margin will be reduced and/or jeopardized. We can help you overcome this obstacle by increasing your revenue by allowing us to handle your billing and collections. With the highest quality and streamlined efficiency, we will work with you to perform your billing and follow-up as an extension of your office-without the cost of overhead!
Even if you decide to continue to handle your own billing and follow-up in-house, we could custom-design and implement a more efficient in-house billing and collection system for your company. We can also assist you in hiring and training qualified personnel to manage this process. Please contact us to discuss how we may help you reduce your account receivable balance.

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