The mission of NPEC is to assist companies in realizing their full potential. To accomplish this NPEC seeks to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the unique culture, personality and aspiration of each entity that it accepts as a client. In embracing this challenge, NPEC employs a hands on strategy to maximize the company’s strength, enhance the company’s efficiency and minimize/eliminate the company’s weakness. NPEC’s mission will only be accomplished when everyone of its clients is thriving and living up to its best potential.

NPEC is a business consulting organization specializing in industries that rely extensively on technology, direct sales and a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and guidelines. The professionals at NPEC have over 60 years of cumulative work experience, holding “C” level positions at several reputable companies. The NPEC consulting team members have an extensive substantive background including but not limited to:

Information Technology

Finance & Accounting

Regulatory Compliance

Human Resources

Call Center Operations

Inventory Managemet

The NPEC team has an extensive history of working closely and diligently with many different companies over the years to maximize their profits, reduce risk, enhance their efficiency, and improve their overall operations. These results have been accomplished in several different ways deepening upon the individual needs of the organization. In some cases NPEC has designed a custom CRM/ERP system utilizing the extraordinary talent and creativity of its IT professionals. In other cases NPEC has performed a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s entire operation including but not limited to the policies and procedures impacting all departments and providing suggested improvements for revision.

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