About NPEC

Unleashing Business Potential

Welcome to NPEC, where we are dedicated to helping businesses unleash their full potential. Our mission is clear: we take a hands-on, personalized approach to understanding the unique culture, personality, and aspirations of each company we partner with. Our ultimate goal? Maximizing your strengths, improving efficiency, and overcoming weaknesses to ensure your success.

Our Expertise

NPEC is a technology-focused business consulting firm that amalgamates expertise in financial principles, direct sales, and technology. Our consulting team boasts over six decades of combined experience and brings top-level leadership to the forefront. We carry a proven track record as “C”-level executives in well-respected organizations. Our mentors offer diverse skills and expertise, all geared toward assisting companies in realizing their full potential.

Information Technology

Finance & Accounting


Regulatory Compliance

HR and regulatory compliance

Recognizing the paramount importance of complying with industry regulations and the intrinsic value of human capital to your organization, we provide comprehensive HR and regulatory compliance services to ensure your unwavering focus on growth. Our HR services encompass talent acquisition, retention, and development, aligning your workforce with your business objectives. In regulatory compliance, we guide you through intricate rules and regulations, mitigating the risks of non-compliance, and safeguarding your reputation and financial stability. Whether your needs encompass compliance issues, employee relations, or talent management, NPEC possesses the expertise to help you reach your objectives.

CRM/ERP Solutions and process improvement

Harnessing the expertise and ingenuity of our IT professionals, we deliver bespoke CRM/ERP solutions. Our team also conducts comprehensive evaluations of your company’s operations, pinpointing areas for enhancement across all departments. From refining policies and procedures to addressing broader organizational considerations, our commitment is to drive substantial change and elevate efficiency.

Call Center Operations

Inventory Management