Remote DBA Monitoring

NPEC provides a new breed of SQL Server solutions that go far beyond traditional onsite DBAs. Our Remote SQL Management services allows your business to have a trusted expert monitoring your SQL Server 24x7x365 from anywhere in the world. When issues arise, our experts can address them using industry best practices and continue on with tasks that add value to your business.

Monitor SQL Error Logs & Windows Event Logs

Daily review of all SQL and Windows logs. In addition alert engine monitors for critical errors and generates notifications.

Manage & Monitor SQL Jobs

Monitoring utilities will be in place to alert to SQL Job failures. NPEC will resolve job failures. NPEC does NOT know your environment thoroughly and will not apply fixes to database objects such as stored procedures or T-SQL logic in jobs. NPEC will troubleshoot, point to problem, and will alert development/management.

Index Rebuilds & Defragmentation

Indexes routinely become fragmented leading to poor performance. NPEC strongly suggests NOT using a database Maintenance plan to “reorganize” your data and indexes, this is a blanket rebuild and very expensive. A NPEC utility first analyzes for fragmentation, any index > 10% fragmentation will be rebuilt after hours or during maintenance window. If maintenance window is narrow or not available, an online index rebuild will be implemented.

Monitor OS & SQL Instance w/ PerfMon Counters

Daily NPEC will monitor your production servers using Performance Monitor counters for CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, plus SQL Counters including User Conns, Transactions/sec, Buffer Cache, Procedure Cache, and more. Counter results will be displayed in line graphs for readability and will be provided to management with NPEC opinion and translation.

Performance Tuning

Unlike most Remote DBA services NPEC actively is involved in performance tuning queries and database activity.

Backup Strategy / DR Server (Warm Standby)

NPEC will setup a backup strategy to minimize data loss and downtime in the event of database server failure.Backup strategy to include setup and maintenance of Disaster Recovery database servers. These Warm Standby server(s) will receive data via Log Shipping or Mirroring.

Available for Performance Troubleshoots via Telephone & RDP 24×7

NPEC will be available for performance troubleshoots anytime day or night.

Remote Service Pack and Patch Management

NPEC will provide remote installation support of operating system and database server patches and service packs. On-site support by client administrator is necessary to manage.

T-SQL Code Review and Production Deployments

Code submitted for review to be replied to within 24 hours. Production deployment of T-SQL code offered, allow 24 hours’ notice. Requests for weekend deploys should be 48 hours in advance.

Architectural Consulting

Architectural consultations included, any consults requiring long or extended hours will be potentially billed hourly.

Replication for Reporting

SQL Server Transactional Replication to be configured and maintained for scale-out reporting solutions. Up to 5 SQL Instances to be monitored under this agreement – SQL Server 2000-2016 Versions Covered.