NPEC Projects

NPEC has a special focus on B2B software application development. We understand that as your organization’s needs grow, so too does the scope and complexity of our client’s projects; this is why it becomes crucial to take time before starting any project with you in order for us properly research what exactly are those challenges which will best suit not just now but days ahead. Our team stays fresh by learning about each individual industry through analyzing its dynamics – all while finding ways that can be applied towards solving problems!
We have the experience you need to turn your company’s ideas into reality. Our team of senior software developers are fluent in C#, Java and React as well other leading platforms that can help build custom solutions for any industry or field!
As a leading custom software development company, we take pride in our holistic approach. Our objective is to help you plan for the future while meeting your current goals by developing long-term strategies that are tailored specifically for each client’s needs and objectives.
We know how important it can be when working with an organization like yours which means putting forth every effort possible so no one goes unanswered or unfulfilled throughout this process.


Clean, visual dashboards. Detailed reports on productivity and performance data for each employee.

3rd-Party Verification

Simple, powerful TPV app to verify customer information in an interactive, easy to use platform.


Make your business run more smoothly with easy-to use dashboards. Get every piece of crucial data on one screen.


Sales app to help door-to-door activities. Solutions for lead tracking, management, and other canvassing needs.

Collection Software

Full-service debt collections process management from initial prospecting to final debtor transactions.

Task Management

Enable better coordination among team members. Manage everyday business tasks. Efficient timesheet logging.