Business & Financial Consulting

We are experts in working with business owners who are skilled at their field but need help with the numbers. Whether it’s boosting profit, creating cash flow, streamlining operations, improving profitability, taking company growth to the next level or growing overall value, we can help. We target our services to small businesses but many of our clients are multi-million dollar companies with over 100 team members.
At NPEC we have 3 core steps we follow when we consult for you.

1. Identify your Topics/Areas for Improvement! – We’ll guide you through the questions that matter most. Our team of experts is available to help with any needs, no matter how big or small they are! We will work with you to create the approach that best identifies, assesses, and answers your questions.

2. Build A Plan for Success! – As a client, you will be able to choose from our distinct research offerings. We offer detailed plans based on your needs and approach for success!

3. Learn From those in the Industry! – Expert consulting from industry professionals that are ready to help take your business or nonprofit’s needs into account, in a time-sensitive manner. NPEC has working relationships with some of the most knowledgeable people within their respective fields and can provide you invaluable insights into what is required going forward.

Management consultants are a vital resource for businesses looking to solve problems with their management, leadership, and operations. This category accounts for many different types of expertise which can be used in any industry or setting imaginable. Being too embedded in your organization can be a major barrier to success. Managers are often hesitant about implementing change and removing themselves from day-to-day operations, but this lack of objectivity leaves them unable to assess if the changes being made satisfy their needs or not properly evaluate new opportunities for growth within an ever-changing environment where anything could happen at any time! To gain better insights into how you run things as well as get feedback on what’s working best with customers/ learners etc., hiring out work has become increasingly popular because there is no risk involved – our consultants come prepared with recommendations based solely on first-hand knowledge without fear-mongering like many others consultant agencies do.
Did you know that strategy consulting provides guidance and advice on high-level decisions? It’s true! Strategy consultants use their skills to help businesses make well thought out plans for the future. The best consultants are those that know the industry inside and out. They can provide a valuable objective perspective for making high-level decisions, which could be very helpful in coming up with strategies to help you achieve your goals effectively – whether it’s through developing plans or providing strategic advice on where there might be future opportunities waiting just around the corner!
Business process consulting is the art of helping businesses find their voice and then bring it out in clear, concise language. Processes are all about how decisions get made within your organization – this includes everything from hiring new employees or acquiring new customers to running marketing campaigns; they shape what you do day-to-day as well as set goals for yourself/your business. Process consultants are hired by businesses when they need to grow and scale. A process consultant will come in, bring order from the chaos that is occurring within their company’s system of messy processes or no systems at all with an organized approach towards efficiency which benefits both parties involved!
HR Consulting is an integral part of any company’s success. It provides expertise to help businesses and organizations hire, manage or train their employees while also guiding how best to implement HR plans for maximum efficiency in the workplace
A successful business without a strong management team will never be able to achieve its true potential; luckily some professionals can provide these services at your request. HR plans, processes, and practices are difficult for companies to create all on their own. The best way of solving this problem? HR consultants! These professionals come in with experience managing one important yet difficult resource: people who work at your organization or want permission from you so that they can be hired as an employee-employer relationship begins.
The world of software is constantly changing, with more and more people relying on these programs to do everything from managing their finances through communication. Software and IT projects can be risky, with many companies opting for the help of an expert when they need advice in a specific area. This could mean anything from helping them get started on their project all through completion or improving what already exists after it’s been completed successfully by someone else!
For instance: if your company has just launched its newest app but needs assistance optimizing its code so that users will keep coming back again & recommending this brand new product release to friends via social media platforms such as Facebook then we might engage one of our clients’ preferred known software development partner who specializes in that type of product.
UI/UX consulting is expert advice that goes beyond just the aesthetics of a product. UI Consultants will take into account how easy it is for users to navigate through your design, as well as what information they need at each step for you to find success! In this era of technology, every company needs to have a website that not only functions but is also easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. UI/UX designers are hired by clients who want their sites tailored specifically for them; they provide hands-on guidance while designing beautiful user interfaces with task completion in mind – all towards achieving goals set out by clients’ business practices!