CRM / ERP Services

From security to scalability, our fully customized CRM /ERP platform is designed to help your organization accelerate innovation, make better business decisions faster and provide more value to you. We offer a “total solution” approach that goes beyond typical consulting and support, putting us in a class of our own.
NPEC will design a CRM / ERP customized to enable your company to exceed their business objectives. A properly conceived CRM /ERP will maximize the use of existing technology and human resources while being flexible enough to be easily upgraded when technological advances become available. All CRMs and ERP’s designed by NPEC will provide an all-inclusive 360 degree view of the customer, incorporating all features of the customer’s account. This comprehensive perspective will provide your business with enormous advantages on many levels.
On a micro level, your CRM / ERP will enable your company to easily and efficiently adapt to the continually evolving needs of your customers and will be incredibly user friendly for your employees. On a macro level, your CRM / ERP will provide your company with invaluable information and insights including but not limited to real time interactive analysis, historical trends, predictive analytics and a customer-centric work force.
The concept of using CRMs and ERPs is most definitely nothing new. From as far back as 2003, the use of CRMs and ERP’s has been recognized as a highly useful and profitable tool.
It is not the mechanics of having an automated system that causes profits to increase. Rather, it is the rendering of the exponentially superior customer service created by the CRM that will promote existing customer loyalty and increased customer retention. This will cause your CRM to translate into an escalation in profits. The wide-ranging experience of NPEC in the design and implementation of custom CRMs provides us with the requisite skill to design the ideal CRM for your company.