How to Create a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for Your Project


To ensure successful product development, you must have an accurate and detailed requirements specification. In this post, we will show how to create high-quality SRS documents so your company can be sure they are getting what’s best for them! There are two common scenarios for starting a software engineering project: Scenario #1: Requirements elicitation is […]

Web App Development!

Web app

Web app development is the perfect solution for those who want to embrace change and be at the forefront of innovation. Web applications engage users by prioritizing responsive interactions, but they are still delivered over a network via the internet with all its connectivity perks! Web app development is the cool little brother of web-based […]

What is API Testing?


The complex nature of API testing means it often relies on protocols and standards that are difficult to locate in other types or stages. It also has many advantages, making this process key for ensuring quality software releases! QA testers are the bridges between developers and customers. They use testing methodology, which includes evaluating an […]



DevOps is a software development strategy and culture that enables automation of infrastructure, aims to improve communication and collaboration between software developers, who build products and services; IT teams who manage those products and services; and business leaders who make product decisions. Agile software development strategies are used to develop the functionality of a product […]

Database Sharding

Database Sharding

Sharding is considered one of the best ways to scale your database and can solve many issues that companies can face. What is Database Sharding? Sharding is a technique for splitting a large dataset into many databases using a specific partitioning algorithm. In general, there are two types of sharding: vertical and horizontal. Vertical sharding […]

Web 3.0 and its Benefits!

Web 3.0

There are a lot of technologies that we use every day, but only one has been a remarkably beneficial technology for approximately 3 billion people during 80 percent of their daily waking hours. The Internet. Before we get into what Web 3.0 is, let’s talk about Web 2.0. Web 2.0 The user experience of the […]

3 Ways Mobile First Index Impacts SEO?

3 Ways Mobile First Index Impacts SEO?

Mobile First Index and SEO! There has been an ongoing advancement in technology, particularly with mobile devices. They allow us to connect to the rest of the world from anywhere. This is even more true for the current generation! Mobile devices have revolutionized consumers’ digital experience across the world. They help us to connect to […]

6 Skills to Look for in a Backend Developer

6 Skills to Look for in a Backend Developer

While front-end developers oversee a website’s visuals, back-end developers ensure that there is data for the front-end developers to work with. They provide that data input is as valid, correct, and secure as possible. Here are 6 Skills to Look for in a Backend Developer! Backend developers are the engineers who write the code that […]

Mobile CRMs and 3 Ways to Implement Them!

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM has started a lifestyle where sales teams’ mobile devices have turned into small company offices. Mobile CRMs are the best platform for companies to maximize their mobile productivity and help them to focus on selling, not administrative tasks. This post looks at how mobile is becoming an integral part of many businesses and […]

Sales Portals & Why your Business Needs One

Sales Portal

A custom sales portal is the key to your sales and marketing teams working together. It keeps everyone on the same page, increases leads and produces more sales. A sales portal provides one place for all your sales team members to learn about new products, promotions and deals. Once your team uses a sales portal, […]