Lead Focused Vs Customer Focused CRMs


Managing your customers and prospects can be a significant challenge when growing, but a CRM can make all the difference. Our custom-built CRM lets you manage everything from sales leads to accounts receivables and from opportunities to your own lead-tracking activities. There are two key types of CRMs that we’ll talk about today. Lead Focused CRMs and Customer Focused CRMs.

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Lead Focused

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is an essential, one-stop-shop for most businesses. Lead-focused CRMs allow you to manage leads and prospects efficiently, nurturing them from the moment of first contact until they buy from you or become a full-fledged customer. When people say “CRM”, they are often really wanting to have their prospect database managed in a way that keeps them close to the top of mind and delivers lots of marketing messages.

NPEC CRMs are fully customizable CRM solutions focused on an agile methodology. Our custom CRM offers the features necessary for your business without adding any bloat. Key potential features include: lead qualification, lead tracking, a  self-service portal for customers to log support requests, sales pipeline management, opportunity management and reporting.

Your prospects are inundated with marketing emails every day. Getting them to agree to sign on to receive your marketing messages is a challenge. Lead manager CRMs help you quickly build a high-quality list because it is built on repeatable marketing software that produces high-value leads. The process works like this:

If you want to get more sales, it’s essential to create a quality content strategy and a lead generation approach. One way to develop your strategy is by knowing what your customers value, what they need, and how you can help them with their needs. You can use this information to develop an effective strategy to connect with your customers and help them obtain the solution they’re looking for.

Don’t let any customers slip through the cracks. A CRM system is set up to educate our existing customers about what products and services we offer beyond just their initial purchase. The more we know about them, the better service and opportunities for cross-selling we can provide, so this is a chance for them to tell us all about themselves and what they like.

Customer Focused

Customer-management CRMs can help you thrive; the flip side is that a weak CRM may make it difficult to survive. This post will focus on customer-management CRMs used to manage your customer base effectively.

If you’re considering an upgrade or enhancement to your CRM, don’t skip out on anything! Many of your larger competitors don’t—they invest five and sometimes six figures in their CRM because they know that a world-class system will pay for itself many times over. You’ll be able to grow faster, improve retention rates and streamline operations to save money. If there is a feature you think you may benefit from, get it included.

Below are some of the critical elements that security dealers should focus on with their CRM to ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

Customer Journey

A CRM system (Customer Relationship Manager) allows sales and marketing teams to manage the complete customer journey from lead to retention. A good CRM helps you create a quote and convert that accepted quote into a work order, and everyone on your team has easy access to the customer’s records in a central database. You can quickly generate recurring billing, ongoing service and support.

Crucial Functionality

Managing multiple systems to run your business can be time-consuming and inefficient. Our CRM system is designed to optimize your operations by providing a central hub for all critical back-office functions, such as billing, payment, and inventory management.

Improve Your Revenue Returns

CRM software is a valuable addition to any business, providing you with insight into your sales funnel and allowing you to improve the top line of your business. CRM software can help you refine your sales process and identify where additional training may be needed. It also allows you to ensure that prospects don’t fall through the cracks by automating follow-up processes.

Better and More Efficient Customer Service

  A CRM solution is also designed to improve your customer’s service experience. With complete and accurate information on your customer, equipment and more, you and your team can efficiently and effectively answer questions and establish ‘one call resolution’ of problems.

Provide Better Team Coordination

Whether you have a team of two or twenty, the CRM should be the grease in the wheels that helps you all work better together. Access to information across roles and functions allows everyone to collaborate more effectively—and understand how each team member contributes towards achieving your common goal. The core features of any CRM platform include a robust sales pipeline, an intuitive calendar to schedule meetings and events, and an opportunity management process to keep track of progress in real-time.

Streamline your Processes

CRM systems are created to work with your current business processes while streamlining and improving those same processes. The goals of a CRM system are to eliminate redundancies and reduce administrative work. Managing real-time inventory tracking and job scheduling processes eliminates wasted time and resources, sending field techs on the job without all of the parts needed. Ideally, the workflow should be tracked and managed in a single dashboard, allowing you and your staff to focus on executing service and installation work with minimal wasted time. Security dealers prepared to invest in a quality customer-management CRM system will be quickly paid back. While no one system can do it all, you want a system that will tie your sales, service, financial, and back-office functions. Take time to understand your current workflow and identify areas where processes are weak or redundant. Make a list of manual techniques that you would like to automate. NPEC is here to provide what you need to keep your business at the forefront of efficiency; contact us today!

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