Top CRM Strategy Examples for 2022

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CRM strategies are about how you will acquire, sell to and re-engage customers. This aspect is the core of your business’ growth and profitability, but it cannot be easy to get right.

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CRM: Software or Strategy?

CRM can be described as a strategy and software or system that enables you to execute it. How do they all fit together?

A strategy can guide you in your approach to customer relationships. However, a CRM system can help you implement it. CRM systems are a big advocate for us.

Importance of CRM strategy template

crm strategy examples

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A CRM strategy template is important to your success, whether you launch an in-store store or increase customer retention online. CRM (customer relationship management systems) are crucial to the success of your business. A great CRM strategy could be the best thing you do for your business this year.

Our guide to creating a CRM strategy that works. Then, use CRM strategy examples to shape your future business. 

You’re still here to get some inspiration for your CRM strategy to help bring CRM benefits to your business. Before we start, let’s talk briefly about the difference between software and CRM strategy.

The ten CRM strategies we have listed below require your business to use CRM software to implement them.

1.Tracking customer interaction and behavior

A good CRM strategy should have one tenet. Also, understanding your customers is key to any CRM strategy.

CRM software eliminates the guesswork of tracking prospects and deals and how they interact with your company online. You can also store data about your current clients and those you are still pursuing.

Which ad clicked Geoff on? Was Beatrice engaged with your email, or did she ignore it? What social media platform is Miriama most likely to find you on?

CRM software allows you to connect with your customers once you have established a rapport. We don’t mean their name, email address, or job title. We’re not talking about their name, email address, or job title. Instead, we are talking about the date and nature of their last interaction with your brand, their past orders, and their total spending which you need to target with discounts that suit their specific purchasing preferences.

HubSpot CRM Customer Interaction Tracking Strategy

This CRM strategy example is straight from HubSpot and shows how easy it makes tracking your clients.

You can also view Greg’s contact information, including how many products he has purchased, how much he spent, and when he made his first purchase from your company. You can also call, email, or “meet” him via the CRM interface. All conversations with him will be recorded in their activity feed.

However, data storage comes with some ethical concerns. You need to respect your customers’ privacy. CRM software is GDPR compliant and can only be used to retain customer data you must (and are permitted to) keep.

CRM strategy #1: Create a comprehensive, ethical database of your customers to find out how they interact with your brand. You will be better able to sell to your customers the more you get to know them.

2.Rewards and loyalty programs

Tesco Clubcard Starbucks Rewards. The IKEA Family.

We all prefer to be rewarded for our loyalty, whether by earning Avios points or a free cup of coffee. Is your business using this powerful marketing tool effectively? How do you start?

CRM software is the simplest and most direct way to build customer loyalty. CRM software allows you to personalize and improve the customer experience, whether it’s by reaching out to a birthday person or checking on a recent purchase.

Your customers shall be more inclined to return to you and to spend again if they can accumulate digital currency. Why waste these points?

Sephora Customer Loyalty and Rewards CRM Strategy

Sephora, a major cosmetics retailer, exemplifies this CRM strategy.

Sephora has more than 17,000,000 members and offers customers discounts and tailored offers. Sephora’s program has three levels. The greater you spend, the better your rewards and the more exclusive the offer.

Sephora also offers an online forum to foster customer loyalty and engagement. Its members can discuss products and share user-generated advice and recommendations.

CRM Strategy #2: Reward your most loyal customers with personalized discounts and offers. You can create exclusivity through a tiered loyalty program and encourage user participation via an online community.

3.Targeted, tailored marketing

You’re now committed to customer interaction behavior tracking and have a customer loyalty strategy in place. It’s now time to be proactive and put that data to use by creating marketing campaigns tailored to your audience.

These 4 tips will assist you in creating a CRM strategy for more effective marketing.

a) Personalize your emails!

Research shows that personalized subject lines make emails 26% more likely than others to be opened. It’s easy to see why. Your customer is already receiving an unsolicited email. The least you can do to address them is by name.

It makes it less bulky marketing, which it certainly is, while still adding a personal touch.

UberEats CRM Email Marketing Strategy

Did I open the email? Yes, I did. The food was also delicious.

b) Segment your customers

Marketing that is too generic doesn’t work. Naturally, it doesn’t work for every customer.

Segmenting your email lists is essential. You can segment your audience using the right marketing CRM software. This aspect allows you to sort by personal preferences, purchase history, and demographics. This aspect helps you avoid embarrassing slip-ups and ensures that the right messages reach people.

c) Be specific

Good email marketing requires you to be specific about what you offer. This factor helps to reduce the mental strain on the reader and allows you to get to the point. The following CRM strategy example was sent to me recently:

Bolt CRM email marketing strategy

This Bolt discount is a big draw.

I understand the terms of the offer, how many trips it can be used on, and where I can use it. The terms and conditions are properly stated, and I can easily find the app to help me if I need it.

d) Make it easy for you to unsubscribe

Although it may seem counterintuitive to your goals, this is vital.

It is important to make it easy for users to unsubscribe. This procedure can be done by including a link in the footer of the email. You will remain GDPR compliant and minimize annoyance. It is not only the right thing to make, but it will also help you build trust and confidence in your brand and prevent you from appearing spammy.

It also has many benefits for your CRM database – it removes users who are not engaged and makes room for more lucrative prospects.

CRM strategy #3: Create a marketing CRM strategy that revolves around personalized, tailored emails. Segmenting your customer lists will help you avoid making mistakes and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing messages.

4.Data cleansing and duplication

You’ll be able to enjoy many things as your business grows. Power, prestige, profits – there are many things you will get. We are not sure that increased media scrutiny will be one of those things.

Avoid high-profile errors when communicating with customers.

Selling a product to someone you shouldn’t have, or sending marketing emails to a company shut down. These mistakes can damage your reputation and are surprisingly easy to make.

These errors can be avoided by using the right CRM software.

You can avoid duplicate entries by unifying all your data into one system. It will be much easier to manage sensitive customer data and clean it up.

CRM Strategy #4: Prioritize regular auditing and cleaning of customer databases to eliminate errors and maintain data integrity and relevancy.

5.Sharper stakeholder reporting

This includes stakeholders, shareholders, auditors as well as Media. They all have one similar factor: they expect you to be capable of providing a segmented, accurate view of your entire customer base, often within a matter of seconds.

Let’s face facts; spreadsheets are not enough to make this work, no matter how proficient you may be at Excel. What will you do?

Analytical CRM software allows you to consolidate all your customer and business data in one place. It also makes it easier to access the data via several online dashboards. Reports are simple to create, easy to export, and read.

Reporting to AgileCRM

AgileCRM’s strategy example shows how you could visualize key customer data dynamically. Agile, indeed!

CRM strategy #5: Use CRM software to generate reports on your customers and business health. You can increase your transparency and credibility in the eyes and ears of stakeholders and media. And you can do it with style.

6.Customer relationship identification

Simple management won’t suffice when it comes to building good customer relationships. It’s important to recognize, too.

This factor means that you will need to understand your customers’ relationships and their professional and personal relationships with one another.

CRM software that gives you a complete view of your client database will allow you to see profitable connections between clients. Pipedrive is one of our favorite CRM systems that help you manage relationships and drive sales.

It is also helpful to learn about your connections. It might be helpful to know that a customer has 2 young children for marketing purposes. It can save you from embarrassment by sending inappropriate sales proposals to clients’ children.

CRM strategy #6: Gain a better understanding of your clients’ professional and personal connections to tailor your sales and marketing efforts.

7.Integration of customer service team

CRM software is a great tool for your sales team. Also, for your marketing department too. You’ll need to make sure your customer service staff is informed for everything to work at its best.

It’s very easy to do. Your CRM system sends information about all interactions and successes of your marketing and sales teams with clients directly to your customer support team. This aspect allows them to identify what went wrong and fix it quickly.

There’s nothing worse than being on hold, bouncing between customer service agents, and having your problem repeated several times. This factor is bad customer service and a common CRM problem. Don’t let it get you down!

Instead, use a CRM system. Thanks to the cloud-based CRM, unified interface, your customer service team can handle all issues and requests with greater ease.

CRM strategy #7: Connect your teams, unify the business, and make knowledge sharing with customers a top priority.

8.Creation of value-added content

We have already discussed the benefits of email marketing, which is reaching out directly to customers to sell to them. What about those who come from the opposite direction? How can you convert prospects into customers by attracting, engaging, and converting them to your website?

Content is the answer.

It would help if you offered something unique to your customers, whether a blog, an innovative social media strategy, or a downloadable eBook.

You can establish authority by publishing original content in different formats, such as videos, infographics, and whitepapers. This aspect is a great way for your readers to get truly entertaining and informative content. ).

This is where a CRM system can help. It does integrate with your social media accounts to make it easier to manage your community.

Salesforce social CRM strategy for devices

Let’s look at this Salesforce CRM strategy example.

All of this is possible from one interface. You can monitor keyword trends and review previous social media posts’ performance. It also integrates with social monitoring tools, keeping you in constant touch with what customers say about your brand or industry.

You can find more information in our Salesforce review. It was updated for 2022.

CRM strategy #8: Creating unique and valuable content for your website’s social channels and monitoring it through a CRM system adds an entirely new dimension to your offerings. Your customers will love it.

9.Autonomy and empowerment of employees

It’s as easy as arithmetic. Employees + empowerment = productivity.

A CRM system can be used to empower employees in many ways. It helps to break down data silos and fosters team collaboration. Additionally, it adds transparency to all interactions your sales, marketing, and customer service teams have.

Your staff will feel more responsible and independent. They’ll also feel more confident.

The people behind the business are the focus of all great CRM strategies. Your CRM strategy should reflect this.

CRM strategy #9: CRM software can be used to give your team greater data access and better collaboration.

10.Inspiration from CRM’s Big Names

If you are stuck on ideas, nothing can beat the inspiration of the most successful and recognizable businesses in the world.

Let’s look at Amazon and Apple.

Amazon Prime CRM recommendations

Amazon’s CRM strategy is built around Prime, its premium subscription service. Prime is designed to personalize the whole purchasing experience. Amazon has many CRM tricks, including sending you an email about a product you’re interested in or asking you to return to a shopping cart you have forgotten.

Next steps

You won’t have to use all of them. All can be used simultaneously, or you may concentrate your efforts on a subset. Do give importance to the following factors before embarking on a CRM strategy, namely:

  • Business Goals 
  • Business Decisions
  • Business Growth
  • Business Interactions
  • Business Plan
  • Communication Channels
  • Personalized Communications
  • Communication Barriers
  • Competitive Market
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Return On Investment
  • Checkout Process
  • Cold Calling
  • Sound CRM Strategy
  • Tiered Loyalty Program
  • B2B Sales
  • Customer Relationship Strategies
  • Primary Customer Segment
  • Customer Centricity
  • Customer Complaints
  • Customer Lifetime
  • Customer Relationship Framework
  • Customer Relationship Management Techniques
  • Business Metrics
  • Business Requirement
  • Continuous Marketing Engagement
  • Target Market
  • Source Of Truth

CRM Strategy

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Whatever strategy you choose to include in your plans, there is one important thing. CRM is not about grand visions or strategies. It’s also about choosing the right CRM for your business and the software that you use to implement them.

The above CRM strategy examples won’t be possible without a CRM system. This factor will add time to your already long list of tasks. CRM software is essential. Let us help you select the right one. MYNPEC only needs to know a little bit about your business. This aspect takes only a few minutes and serves to match you with the best CRM suppliers.

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