15 CRM Software Use Cases that you should know


It is crucial to understand the use cases of each type of CRM software. This blog will discuss 15 problems and the best CRM software to solve them.

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15 CRM Software Use Cases with Solution and Problem in Detail

CRM is a collection of data-driven, coherent software solutions that improve the way businesses interact with customers.

CRM was initially a customer bookkeeping system. However, CRM is now a tool that salespeople build lasting relationships with customers. Numerous CRM use cases confirm that this software is beneficial to almost all types of enterprises.

CRM software’s primary purpose is to integrate sales, marketing, and customer service. 

Some CRM systems can also analyze customer data to help business managers make better decisions.

Numerous CRM Software Use Cases show how the software can be used in many  real-world situations in companies. These CRM Use Cases illustrate how CRM can help with any problem.

1.Prioritizing Leads

Problem: A company has hundreds of leads, but the sales rep can’t distinguish the hot from the cold leads. It is becoming very difficult to select the best leads.

How CRM can help: Lead scoring is a way to solve this problem. It ranks the leads.

The lead’s engagement with the business will determine the rank. You can program CRM software to assign a score to a lead according to certain rules.

The rules allow for basic parameters such as job title, industry, and geographic location.

This CRM Use Case rule can include more complicated triggers, such as when the lead opens a promotional message.

Consider, for example, that the leader is the chief technology officer at a startup. You will need to create a rule so that the CRM software gives him a default 10 score.

They get 5 more points if they open any mail we send them. This system will give the highest points to the leads who are most likely to engage with the business.

This CRM Use Case will ensure that you don’t miss important leads and save time for your sales reps.

2.Follow up on Leads

Problem: A sales executive might send many emails but get different responses. Some reply, others respond immediately. Others ignore it completely.

Each sales representative must follow up with each one, but not all in the same way. Follow-ups must be personal and not automated.

This CRM Use Case explains how CRM can help. Campaigns can be created to address this problem. CRM software can help you create campaigns based on your recipients’ behavior.

If a potential customer does not respond within two days, a reminder call can be made in the campaign. This aspect will allow you to continue the relationship.

If they don’t reply, you can schedule a follow-up email. As long as automated responses are completed on time, the campaign will remain relevant and timely.

3.Identifying the Deal’s Age

Problem: A sales manager wants to know the average time for a deal confirmation.

He would like to know if sales reps are stuck at any stage or if there is a stage that has the potential for more deals.

How CRM can help: The Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) will provide a simple report that shows the manager how long it takes for a sales representative to close a sale with a client.

This CRM Use Case can be used to determine which rep closes deals faster and how long it takes them to do so.

A sales velocity report can be useful for the manager, which displays each stage of a deal’s duration and which rep is stuck at which stage.

4.Help during a call

Problem: Sales reps sometimes need their colleagues to handle outbound calls. The industry is highly competitive, and the sales rep cannot promise a potential client that they will return to them later.

How CRM can help: Customer Relationship Management software has built-in phone connectivity.

This CRM Use Case will check the list to see who is available and then transfer the call to them.

5.Automating Mundane Tasks

Problem: It is tedious and repetitive to type out emails and personal messages for each new lead. These tasks are being attempted to be automated by a sales rep.

CRM: How CRM can help. Customer relationship management software (CRM) can be easily programmed to send personalized placeholders and automated messages. Sales reps can use CRM to create email templates that they can send when a trigger has been set off.

The triggers and responses can be defined according to your needs. For example, in this CRM Use Case, each time a rep receives a new lead, it can be set as a trigger in CRM to instruct it to send a welcome message.

Through In-Product Activity, Understanding Customers

10 Behavioral Segmentation Methods Types

Problem: A small startup owner wants to know the most popular features of his product/service among his customers.

He tried to conduct a survey, but he didn’t get enough information to improve his product.

CRM can help you: CRM software can track customer behavior and provide in-depth insights into customers.

This CRM Use Case allows you to use a particular code across multiple programming languages, such as JavaScript, Java, JavaScript, and Java.

These codes can be implemented within the product by the owner. The owner will receive a detailed report about each customer as part of the activity timeline.

Beyond sales interaction, understanding customers is more important than just selling.

Header listing the most important customer service skills

Problem: Customers can have a detailed and lengthy conversation with customer service about their concerns and problems.

These conversations can provide valuable information that sales reps can use to call those customers.

To build a stronger relationship with customers, the rep will want access to all complaints and tickets.

CRM: How CRM can help you: The Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) can be integrated with the Helpdesk of Customer Support.

This aspect allows for sharing important information between the support and sales teams in real life. This CRM Use Case is designed to collect ticket conversations from the helpdesk and display them in the contact’s profile.

The customer service agents also benefit from a CRM integrated help desk. If they can see that particular contact is part of an important deal, they can prioritize tickets.

6.One Company, Different Sales Processes

Open graph for investment in training sales teams

Problem: Two types of products are made by small businesses, one for smaller businesses and the other for medium-sized businesses.

Every market has its own sales processes. One sales pipeline (a visual representation of each stage in any sales process) is insufficient.

How CRM can help: This CRM Use Case demonstrates that a company requires multiple sales pipelines.

The Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) can be used to create sales pipelines that are tailored for specific sales processes.

Any team that deals in any sales process can mark this pipeline as their default. This aspect means that any new deal for the team will automatically go to that defaulted sales channel.

7.Efficient Way To Ride Sales Meetings

Problem: A field sales representative meets potential clients and customers all over the city. The sales rep would like an option that will allow him to book his ride from the same mobile calendar screen he uses when he needs to make an appointment.

He will be able to do his job much easier without opening and closing multiple apps.

CRM Mobile App: CRM is not only a web-based Customer Relationship Management software.

This CRM Use Case allows you to integrate your CRM Apps with ride-hailing apps like Uber. Reps can book rides without leaving the screen.

8.Protection Against Competitors

Problem: When stronger competitors enter the market, a company may doubt its market position.

The company is looking at ways to retain customers as the competition launches new aggressive marketing strategies every day.

CRM: How CRM can help: Customer loyalty can be the most important thing a company can sustain, and it can be tested with every new campaign that a competitor launches.

CRM software allows you to personalize each customer’s profile by retaining as much information as possible.

Customer Relationship Management software collects all data and creates fully inclusive customer profiles.

This comprehensive customer profile allows the company to provide exceptional service at all stages of the customer’s journey.

9.Strategic Marketing Process

Problem: A company’s marketing department needs to get insight from its sales and customer service teams about what customers want and which marketing opportunities are available.

If a product needs improvement or customers are looking for complementary products.

CRM Software can help: CRM software can collect and analyze data from sales reps or surveys.

The marketing department can use these data to help identify market trends and customers interested in products.

This CRM Use Case can benefit the marketing team by analyzing customer data. This allows them to target specific customer segments and send more relevant and effective messages.

10.Strategic Management that is proactive

Problem: A company wants to detect potential market problems and monitor them. They want a process that allows them to interpret the data and make better decisions.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), software that allows companies to identify their problems before they lose customers or money.

This CRM Use Case uses software to identify reasons why a company may be receiving fewer leads and weaker responses from loyal customers.

CRM software can create customized dashboards tailored to different employees and allow them to make informed and better decisions.

11.Profit Increasing

Profit increases with featured products

Problem: A company wants to increase its profits. They need help understanding their key customers to provide better service.

CRM Software can help you: CRM software can perform a simple analysis of your clients to give you more information about them to build stronger relationships.

The company will retain key customers by monitoring and analyzing the purchase history and sales responses.

Company executives can use these CRM data to predict revenue and manage profitability. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system can monitor larger goals like decreasing costs and increasing revenue.

12.Cold Email Outreach for Backlinks

Email Outreach

Problem: Setting up backlinks to sites with higher domain authority is a better option than the time-consuming and exhausting method.

How CRM software can help- CRM software will allow you to keep track of every attempt to build a link that will prevent miscommunications and possibly spamming partners.

You can, in addition, keep track of your progress in each sales pipeline by keeping records of all conversations and deals.

This CRM Use Case allows the companies to designate a team that can work safely on backlinks strategy.

This CRM software allows team members to share information and progress among themselves easily.

13.Sales Prospecting

Methods for sales prospecting

Problem: Sales teams need a solid prospecting strategy that will allow them to organize every lead.

CRM Software can save time and help research teams by importing contact details.

While on a sales call, it is important to capture and organize the data of your prospects.

CRM software allows you to manage customer relationships and pass this information on to your sales team as well as avail CRM Benefits.

Do consider the following before embarking on use case examples:

  • Customer Situation
  • Myriad Customer
  • Personalized Customer Experiences
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Marketing Company Tracks
  • Marketing Module
  • Marketing Podcasts
  • Cold Email Outreach
  • Technology Maturity
  • Ready Technologies 
  • Social Technologies
  • Automation Technology
  • Critical Business Applications
  • Business Performance
  • Upcoming Tasks
  • Manual Tasks
  • Functional Requirements List
  • Project Phase
  • Custom CRM Database
  • Deal Management

CRM Software Use Cases

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These CRM Software Use Cases and CRM strategy examples are just a few examples of the many possibilities CRM software can be used for.

CRM software should be seen from a broader perspective. You can also use the data and our services to enhance a company’s strategic planning. Nearly every business can use Customer Relationship Management software (CRM).


1.What is the purpose of CRM Use Cases?

CRM software can come in many forms, including operational, tactical, collaborative, and campaign management. To understand the benefits of CRM, we must look at CRM Use Cases.

2.How are Use cases strategic to customers in CRM?

Customers are an integral part of every business aspect. This relationship can make or break a business. We’ll be discussing CRM Use Cases today with several examples.

Software that automates customer relationship management (CRM) enables businesses to communicate with customers and provide support through reliable systems.


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