Sales Portals & Why your Business Needs One

Sales Portal

A custom sales portal is the key to your sales and marketing teams working together. It keeps everyone on the same page, increases leads and produces more sales. A sales portal provides one place for all your sales team members to learn about new products, promotions and deals. Once your team uses a sales portal, it will seem like they have been working together forever.

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Sales Portals Keep Orders and Deals Organized

It is essential to offer multiple sales channels, as each will have a preferred way to place orders. Some may appreciate the convenience of online orders, while others may want to talk directly with a sales rep who can answer specific questions. Some may prefer communicating by phone, while others may use email. Shopping for the right sales channel for your business doesn’t have to be difficult when you use a Sales Portal. We provide access to multiple store platforms and increase distribution channels so that you can sell more products at better prices with less work.

Too many order channels can make it challenging to organize and track your critical customer information. A sales portal streamlines the process of gathering order information, so you can quickly create deals that are easily managed by a sales manager or customer service representative.

Use a Sales Portal to Track Orders and Customer Interactions

A sales portal is a central location where all customer and order information can be viewed. This makes it easy for any inside or outside team member to find a customer’s contact information or track an order placed. Even when your leading salesperson is on vacation, you can quickly reply to a customer’s inquiry. With a sales portal, you will not need to email your salesperson, search through folders of documents, look in long strings of emails for an answer and log into multiple applications to find the correct information. All details are available with just a few clicks.

Enter New Accounts in Record Time with a New Sales Portal

Sales Portals allow your outside team members to do their order entry and automates the process through a friendly dashboard. Orders placed on the portal will automatically be created without data entry by your inside team. This can also reduce the back-and-forth communication required when an outside team member emails in an unclear order.

Help Your Team Cooperate More Effectively

Sales Portal is a sales management solution designed to help your inside and outside people work more efficiently as a sales team. It will allow your outside people to be more efficient by doing their own order entry and instantly answering their own customer service questions. Your inside team will spend less time doing routine order entry and answering the outside team’s inquiries.

Streamline your Marketing Strategy

A marketing brand of your portal offers a unified, single source for content that drives your marketing and sales initiatives. It enables you to put information about products and services at the fingertips of partners and employees so they can make better decisions faster and drive more revenue opportunities.

A cloud-based portal is the quickest way to centrally manage all of your business materials and information. It allows you to store, search, and retrieve your asset information easily. A cloud-based portal also provides 24/7 access for employees and customers, enabling permission-based access to information and materials when needed.

Sales Portals provide a fresh way to simplify and improve the sales and marketing process, including production management. By simplifying everything from scheduling to forecasting to demand planning, Portals eliminate waste and obsolescence, yielding measurable cost cuts. Get your Portal Custom Designed by NPEC today using the contact us button below!

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